Super Big Bud Auto Fem

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  • 12.5% Super Skunk 25% Skunk #1 37.5% Big Bud & 25% Unknown Auto
  • 63-70 Days from seed to harvest
  • 70% Indica Domination
  • Short Height  30-60cm
  • Low to Medium THC Content Upto 14%
  • Smells like quality Chemically blessed fruit
  • High Yields up to 800 grams per meter
Strain Genetics: The Genetics in Auto Super Big Bud are approximately 12.5% Super Skunk 37.5% Big Bud, 25% Skunk #1 and 25% Ruderalis. Its hard to say the exact balance of genetics but based on the strains used and the traits shown in growth this is what our breeders professional opinion. Auto Super Big Bud is full of indica heritage with all its strains originating from the hash making countries of the world. This Strain includes genetics from Afghanistan, India and a touch of South America making up the very small Sativa content. The Ruderalis has most likely come from northern parts of central Asia as this is where Cannabis Ruderalis was originally discovered growing wildly.
Harvest Awards: Auto Super Big Bud is a new strain so independently it has not received any awards. This strain is very similar to Super Bud by greenhouse and Big Bud XXL which are both achieving commercial success. All the strains which make up the genetics of Auto Super Big Bud have won various awards with Big Bud x Skunk #1 taking first place in the 2nd High Times Cannabis Cup all the way back in 1989.
Strain Characteristics: Auto Super Big Bud is an Indica Dominant Autoflowering Cannabis variety which produces nice dense buds which grow with high resin production and lots of THC. Its not the highest strength strain available with the auto version getting around 10-14% THC levels when finished. Buds are a resinous sage green with a sweet and intense aroma somewhat fruity and pungent with an earthy taste. Dry buds are coated with very sticky resin and shiny trichromes great for making hash. The buds are a nice old style skunk with beautiful sticky green and orange chemically blessed fruity aromas.
Plant Growth: Auto Super Big Bud grows short somewhere around 30-60cm when growing indoors. The plants grow with good side branching and a nice even canopy of buds which can be nicely trained into place using a scrogging method. The best thing about this auto is the potential yields are very good with plants producing 40-60 grams even when condensed to 16 plants under each light. This means you can achieve 650-800 grams per harvest which is very impressive. Plants grow very quickly with the onset of flowering developing and showing sex after just 3 weeks. Finished harvest is approximately 9-10 weeks from germination so this is very much worthy of commercial gardening. Most people associate auto’s with a decrease in yield but it all depends how you are set up. If you are growing the same number of plants yes individual plant yield is less but it is possible to fit more in if you know what you are doing.
Medicinal Benefits: Being that Auto Super Big Bud is Indica dominant it has many benefits to the medicinal marijuana patient. This strain is the Indica lovers auto with approximately 70% Indica  dominance so it will induce the full body stone your looking for. If you suffer from muscle pain or have arthritic problems this strain offers some much needed relief. Auto Super Big Bud can also be good for sleeping conditions as it will really help to switch you off and comatose you into a nice dream like state. Recreationally Auto Super Big Bud is great as it won’t paralyse you too much so you can find yourself in a good social atmosphere. Test average around the 13% THC Level so it is not very powerful and really good for taking the edge of social gatherings. This Auto has good CBD levels so can be well suited to a multitude of medicinal users needs. CBD is the most researched medicinal compound in cannabis in recent years as it has been claimed an studied for its near miracle effects on some very serious illnesses.

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