Sour Diesel Feminized

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Sour Diesel Seeds

  • Chemdawg x Mass Super Skunk x NL
  • 60-70 Days Flowering Time
  • 60% Sativa 40% Indica
  • Height 90-130cm
  • Medium THC Content Upto 16-20%
  • Pungent Glistening Aromatic Buds
  • Good Yields up to 650 grams per meter
Strain Genetics: Sour diesel is a Chemdawg Mass Super Skunk Northern Lights Cross Meaning it has a spread of genetics gathered from the far corners of the earth. Its Indica Heritage comes from the Afghani Hash Regions and possible Hindu Kush. Most of its remaining genetics are from the Sativa countries in this case Columbia and Mexico.
Harvest Awards: 4th Place 2009 San Francisco Organic Strain Award and it seems that Sour Diesel is a popular choice for producing extracts as it has won various awards for Best Extract and Kief which is the dust that is collected in the bottom of your 4 part grinder. In 2010 San Francisco Sour Diesel Kief took 3rd Place so make sure you purchase a 4 part grinder with your Sour Diesel Seeds.
Strain Characteristics: Sour Diesel is a big name strain in the United States west coast marijuana scene. It has achieved much success for its many lovable characteristics and hardy balanced genetics. Sour Diesel Buds are light green in colour with light orange hairs and thick clear resin. The aromas are Spicy with a distinct Diesel and pungent diesel scent. This strain is highly rated amongst medicinal marijuana patients as it has a good all round high which is fast acting and long lasting. THC Content is somewhere around the 16-20% mark and it is known to be a very high strength smoke.
Plant Growth: Sour Diesel grows with a Sativa like loose bud structure which has an array of beautiful colours and aromas. The branches can stretch so caution is advised if you are limited on height. It’s by no means a monster in height as it is unlikely to finish above 130cm. This vigorously growing Sativa dominant plant will stretch out during flowering and fully ripen in approximately 10 weeks. With experience you can get good yields up to 650 grams per meter of very high connoisseur standard bud. Outdoor growing can be grown outside in the northern hemisphere with plants finishing around the middle of October. Outdoor Sour Diesel plants will be very tall and yields will be massive.
Medicinal Benefits: SOUR DIESEL is a well balanced Indica Sativa cross with around a 60% Sativa makeup. Medicinally this is great because it gives a well rounded effect and some might say the best of both worlds. Sour Diesel offers an invigorating experience when smoked with one person quoting that it was the best bath they ever had in their life. This strain is fast acting with an almost instant hit and very long lasting with a lovely energising head buzz. This strain will get you motivated and thinking creative at the same time. Its a pleasure to smoke with very little negatives and due to its balance its Indica offers medicinal benefit to ease pain also. For Medicinal users who wish to get pain relief and stay productive this is a good choice as with some Indica strains they kill the motivation and can make it hard to get jobs done at work or around the house for a daytime smoker. SOUR DIESEL can be good for people suffering with depression because it gives a good balanced Indica and Sativa high. Some Indica strains make you think too much and so with a good mix like SOUR DIESEL the Indica can ease anxiety whilst the Sativa keeps you motivated to carry on.

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Reviewer: Kenny USA   5 Stars
Was up dawg us up in da house chilling wid a couple a j's that home grown right now homy.. Right up in dis place rockin n lovin all dem blouds dem riden sour diesel aahiht Easy grow mad up smokin mash up da place irate. Peace wid em sour diesel crew

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