Purple Kush Berry Fem

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  • 37.5% Hindu Kush 37.5% Purple Afghani 17.5% Blueberry 7.5% Chemdawg (Approximately) 
  • 55-65 Days Flowering Time
  • Around 85% Indica
  • Height 60-90 cm Finished
  • High THC Content Upto 22%
  • Medicinally Excellent Strain
  • Most multi coloured cannabis variety in our collection
Strain Genetics: Purple Kush Berry was the creation of Purple Kush crossed with Kush Berry and then back crossed again with Purple Kush. The Estimated Genetics of the born offspring are 37.5% Hindu Kush 37.5% Purple Afghani 17.5% Blueberry and 7.5% Chemdawg... This is of course only a near estimate based on the genetics used to create the strain but it’s relatively accurate.
The Strains combined are mostly Indica Dominant so they would be thought to have originated in the Hash making countries such as Pakistan, India and morocco although there are some small Sativa elements to the purple genetics that would have came from South America and most likely Jamaican Sativa.
Harvest Awards: Purple Kush Berry itself has not won awards but Purple Kush on its own has won many. It took 1st prize medical marijuana in Toronto Canada 2012, In 2014 Spanabis Purple Kush took a 1st Prize High Resin award, 5th place in the 2009 San Francisco Cannabis Cup and has won various other awards over the years. Hindu Kush is an older cannabis Indica with awards stretching back a little further with the most recent awards ranging from the 2004 Copa De La Marijuana where it took 3rd prize and 1st prize in the 2006 Copa De Ast Astúrias both in Spain. The genetics used in Purple Kush Berry are all award winners so the combination of everything combined is set to be a storm. 

Strain Characteristics: Purple Kush Berry is very much Indica based with a very small Sativa present in the Purple used to create it. THC is likely to finish anywhere between 17-22% depending on grower experience and conditions. The smoke is very much sweet berry grape like and earthy on the tongue. The buds are some of the most interesting you will find with tones of purple, blue, violet, dark greens, light greens and lovely orange and brown frosty hairs. The Buds are simply beautiful in every way. This strain is particularly resinous in its production and would be very nice for the expert grower wanting to make a nice hash or other form of extracts.

Plant Growth: Purple Kush Berry is a versatile growing cannabis variety suitable for many different set ups. The plants take form of a typical Indica with very short internodes, big fan leaves and very dense bud formation. The plants generally from between 60-90cm in height so there should be no real issues with growing in short spaces. The wide fan leaves grow with a nice purple and dark green tones with high resilience to issues such as rusting leaves and other vitamin deficiencies. Purple Kush Berry is highly durable and aggressive growing and will survive in most conditions. You can expect fully ripe and ready to harvest buds in as little as 8 weeks but some like to go the full 70 days. This one is suitable for beginners and for the connoisseurs among us you will find some very nice results. Yields really depend on experience with this one as they can be anywhere from 500 to 700 grams per meter.
Medicinal Benefits: Purple Kush is very much an Indica Dominant cannabis strain very high in THC. Typically Indica Strains are very good for medical use as they have much better effects on pain relief. This one is very high strength so be a little cautious if you are a novice smoker but it’s not the most powerful you will encounter. The great thing about this strain is that it will not give you any sudden onset of paranoia or sever anxiety. This one is a gradual builder that comes on smoothly and won’t get you over thinking. If you’re looking for a smoke to switch off and turn down the volume of fast thinking thoughts this is the one to choose. This Strain is great for insomnia, eating disorders and all kinds of muscle trauma. The full Indica Body stone starts at the top and slowly melts all the way down to your feet (Perfect)

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