Purple Kush Berry Auto

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  • 25% Hindu Kush, 20% Purple Afghani, 20% Blueberry 10% Chem Dawg & 25% Lowryder #2
  • Approximately 70-80 Days from seed to harvested weed
  • 55% Indica, 20% Sativa and 25% Ruderalis (approximately)
  • Height around 50 cm Finished
  • Medium High THC around 12-16% realistically
  • A lovely Indica Dominant Auto Strain
  • Most multi coloured auto cannabis variety in our collection
Strain Genetics: Auto Purple Kush Berry is a cross of approximately 25% Hindu Kush 20% Purple Afghani 20% Blueberry 10% Chemdawg and 25% Lowryder #2. This is because we took our Purple Kush Berry and crossed it with Dinafems Auto Blue Kush.  These proportions are estimates from the results found during testing and based on the genetics used to create the hybrid. Auto Purple Kush Berry remains mostly Indica Dominant at around 55% Indica 20% Sativa and 25% Ruderalis. The Indica comes from India and Morroco with the Small eliment of Sativa from Jamaican Sativa and the Ruderalis is most likely where most autoflowering heritage originates in parts of Northern Siberia Russia.
Harvest Awards: Auto Purple Kush Berry has never been entered into harvest awards. If we take a look at some of the genetics used in the making of this strain we will find many harvest awards. Standard flowering Purple Kush has won 1st prize in Medical Marijuana Canada, 1st Prize for High Resin in Spain and 5th Place for best Indica in San Francisco. In 2008 Kush Berry by DNA Genetics took 1st Prize for best outdoor strain. This Strain would be a combination of these 2 strains with a little touch of lowryder #2 to make it auto flower.
Strain Characteristics: Auto Purple Kush Berry is mostly Indica so you can expect the buds to be reasonably dense but the Ruderalis makes it looser than typical Indica’s. The THC Levels when grown are likely to be in the region of between 12-16% which is realistic for  an auto flowering hybrid. The smoke is very nice and sweet with a Blueberry and grape like flavour. The buds are very interesting with an array of colours displayed in the finished buds with dark tones of Purple and Blue whilst retaining a skunk style of light and dark greens and orange. There is a nice amount of crystal covering the buds and they will be nice and sticky with a good amount of resin production.
Plant Growth: Auto Purple Kush Berry is an adaptable marijuana strain which should grow easily in most garden arrangements. Plants grow very short with most finishing below 50cm in height. Internodes should be comparatively  short to other plants with big colourful fan leaves and dense buds.  Auto Purple Kush Berry is very resilient and will resist most known diseases. If grown correctly fully ripe buds should be ready to harvest in approximately 70 Days. Harvests will produce a reasonable amount of yield for auto’s. Auto Purple Kush Berry is suited to beginners and connoisseurs as anyone can get a good harvest in most conditions whilst the experienced will get something wonderful in return for the labour of love they dedicate. Yields would be somewhere around the 500-600 grams per meter based on a 16 plant set up under 1000 watts.
Medicinal Benefits: Auto Purple Kush Berry is a nice Medicinal Cannabis Strain that is well balanced with genetics mostly tailored towards the Indica lovers. This one is great for pain relief as well as anxiety and stress disorders. It will bring you down to a calm level without any over powering effects and wild mind games. This strain is considered to be of a medium high strength but the onset is smooth building and novices could enjoy this one aswell as the more accustomed smoker. This one has a good CBD level and for those looking for some diversity in their collection this certainly ticks a few different boxes. This strain helps with insomnia, eating disorders and all kinds of muscle trauma.

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