Power Skunk 47 Feminized

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  • 50% AK47 x 25% Power Plant x 25% Super Skunk
  • 55-63 Days Flowering Time
  • Mixed Indica and Sativa
  • Height 70-110cm
  • High THC Content Upto 19%
  • Very good commercial Cropper
  • High Yields up to 750 grams per meter
Strain Genetics: Power Skunk 47 is a cross of AK47, Power Plant and Super Skunk so it has a good mixture of genetics from many parts of the world. The origins of genetics contained are from Thailand, Mexico, Afghanistan and Columbia.
Harvest Awards: Power Skunk 47 is a reletively new strain which has not personally won any harvest awards. The genetics used in its breeding have individually won many awards. AK47 by Serious Seeds has been one of the best sellers online for many years with the demand out stripping supply of the seeds every time. AK47 won over 20 different harvest awards around the world. It won consecutive awards in the High times cannabis cup 2nd and 3rd place for 1994, 1996, 1999 and 2003. Recently in 2014 it took the Highlife Cup in Amsterdam for best Hash extraction and 2nd best medicinal entry. Super Skunk has won various awards for best indica but most recently in 2012 its auto version won 1st price in the highlife cup.
Strain Characteristics: Power Skunk 47 is a medium high strength balanced Indica and Sativa Hybrid that was created with high yield and potency in mind. Its THC Content is estimated to record between 16-20% so it is considered to be a reasonably heavy hitter. Finished buds are light green in colour with huge loose bud construction. The flavors are sweet honey like with a spicy kick and mouth watering pine tree like aroma.
Plant Growth: Power Skunk 47 is a relatively easy cannabis plant to grow with good resilience and vigorous easy growth.  The plant will grow with a huge central cola which is very good for fitting more plants into a single space. The structure is fairly loose with a high bud to leaf ratio meaning the buds will be leaf free. The finished height will be short to medium at around 90cm if all goes to plan and yields can be very impressive with this one. Topping plants can be an effective way of bulking out the size and keeping them short but this is not recommended with Power Skunk 47 as it does not respond well. If attention and care is taken you can achieve a finished harvest of up to 750 grams per meter with experience.
Medicinal Benefits: Power Skunk 47 is a well balanced strain so it performs all round medicinally. Its medium high strength will not get you psychotically stoned but it will still pack a punch. It is around 50% Indica so you will get a nice medium heavy body stone combined with the cerebral euphoric Sativa high. It combines creativity with motivation and can help with muscle aches as well as relaxation. Power Skunk 47 will leave you feeling presently high with a happy inspirational feeling great for socialising and great for music lovers and bedroom DJ’s. Power Skunk 47 can be good in treating Insomnia and it will not make you anxious. The high is slow building and long lasting with effects wearing off after around 90 minutes.   

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Reviewer: Chris London   5 Stars
Loving the Website and most of all the prices.. I'm Glad i found this website as this Power Skunk 47 is as good as anything i have grown in the past. Did mine under 600 light with canna nutes 9 plants and i got 500 grams dry. The plants and buds looked exactly the same as the pictures on the site and i will certainly buy Power Skunk 47 Seeds from you again and i will recommend people. Thank you..

Reviewer:    0 Stars
I smoked 2 spliffs and it had my ass stuck at the table for 3 hours. I have ADHD and this helps a lot puffin dat erb as i type.

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