Power Skunk 47 Auto Fem

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  • 50% AK47 x 12.5% Power Plant x 12.5% Super Skunk 25% Lowryder
  • 63 Days from seed to harvested weed
  • 50% Sativa 25% Indica 25% Ruderalis
  • Height  around 50cm
  • Good for beginners with high resilience
  • Very good commercial cropper
  • High Yielding if done professionally
Strain Genetics: Auto Power Skunk 47 is a cross of approximately 12.5% Power Plant 12.5% Super Skunk 50% AK47 and 25% Lowryder #2. We took our standard Power Skunk 47 and crossed it with an Easy Ryder to keep more of the AK47 genetics dominating this strain. This strain is approximately 50% Sativa 25% Indica and 25% Ruderalis. Lineage stretches to the 4 corners of the earth with the Sativa coming from parts of South America and Africa, the Ruderalis is from Northern Siberia and the Indica is most likely from the hash making region of Afghanistan.
Harvest Awards: Auto Power Skunk 47 should be relatively close to the non auto version with a slight dip on strength due to the Ruderalis lineage. The Strains contained are all highly awarded and well regarded in the cannabis community. Various awards have been won by all the strains combined in this Automatic Hybrid. The dominant strain used in the genetics AK47 by Serious Seeds has been one of the best sellers online for many years with the demand out stripping supply. AK47 won over 20 different harvest awards around the world. It won consecutive awards in the High times cannabis cup 2nd and 3rd place for 1994, 1996, 1999 and 2003. Recently in 2014 it took the Highlife Cup in Amsterdam for best Hash extraction and 2nd best medicinal entry. Super Skunk has won various awards for best indica but most recently in 2012 its auto version won 1st price in the highlife cup.
Strain Characteristics: Auto Power Skunk 47 is a good Sativa dominant strain with a nice even side of Indica and Ruderalis in its genetics. Potency is very good for an automatic flowering cannabis cariety and yields on this one are excellent. If grown to a good standard you are likely to achieve THC levels around the 12-16% mark depending on experience and technique used. The Sativa dominant AK47 carries the punch with the higher yields of power plant and the nice Indica influence from the Super Skunk makes this a really nice strain all round. Yields are high for an auto and finished buds will look light green and orange brown with a loose bud structure. The smoke will be sweet and spicy with a slight bitter grapefruit taste.
Plant Growth: Auto Power Skunk 47 is an easy plant to grow with high resistance to many known cannabis plant diseases. The plants will grow short and finish with a mostly central cola at a height of around 50cm tall. The bud structure is fairly loose with thin Sativa looking leaves that allow good penetration of light to lower branches. Auto Power Skunk 47 can be a very high yielding strain if done to a high standard and the benefit for commercial cash croppers is that the amount of casualties is kept to a minimum so can be very good for beginners. Plants can go from germinated seed to fully harvestable buds in as little as just 63 days making it very fast indeed.
Medicinal Benefits: Auto Power Skunk 47 is a nice all round strain medicinally. Its medium strength is not over powering but still high performing with its dominant Sativa influence packing its punches. Auto Power Skunk 47 is not overly heavy on the body stone Indica effect but still good for mild aches and muscle pain. The high is cerebral and euphoric with a nice feeling of inspiration and a calm meditative presence. The high is long lasting and can be good for those who suffer from restless nights and will certainly give you some interesting nights dreaming.

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