Exodus Pineapple Fem

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  • Original Exodus Cheese x Pineapple Chunk
  • 55-60 Days Flowering Time
  • 80% Indica Domination
  • Height 60-90 cm
  • High THC Content over 20%
  • Pineapple Cheese taste and smell
  • High Yields up to 750 grams per meter
Strain Genetics: Exodus Pineapple genetics are 75% Cheese and 25% Pineapple. This means most of the heritage comes from Afghanistan, Columbia and Mexico with a very small insert from the Hindu Kush Hash regions and Southern Thailand Sativa.
Harvest Awards: Cheese has been the foundation of massive success with many strain on the market today. Vast strain awards have been achieved with the original cheese on its own and the many genetics that are made from it. Pineapple Chunk, Blue Cheese, Strawberry Cheese, White Cheese, Black Cheese the list could go on and fill the page with the number of cheese strains that are on offer. Exodus Pineapple is a contender in the list and i’m sure will share in the glory of its predecessors.
Strain Characteristics: Exodus Pineapple is very close to the original Exodus Cheese that was passed around in the UK in the late 80’s. Originally replicated from the offspring of a phenol type Skunk #1 this strain is what we have come to know and love and goes by the many names and brands we see. Exodus Pineapple has just a hint of the Pineapple aroma and taste complimenting the much loved and tasty Cheese. Original cheese has a very high leaf ratio and this is reduced with this cross making more buds to smoke. The THC levels recorded are above 20% making this strain a very heavy hitter and not really for the lightweight smoker. The Pungent Fruity Pineapple Cheese Buds will be dense and delicious when smoked. Colours will be light green and orange with a nice coat of sticky crystals.
Plant Growth: Exodus Pineapple grows relatively short staying below 100cm when growing indoors. The plants grow with good sized side branches which are good for topping and getting a nice even canopy of level buds. You can leave it and trip the side branches to create one single huge central cola which is good as you can fit more plants into a smaller space. Yields are slightly larger than with your normal Buddha Cheese and flowering times are around the same 8-9 Weeks. Once fully grown with experience it is possible to achieve 750 grams per meter under 1000 watts and even without experience you can get 600 grams. Outdoors Harvest would be estimated to finish in late September to early October making it viable for European climates.
Medicinal Benefits: Exodus Pineapple is mostly Indica with around 25% Sativa so it performs well all round. Its Sativa influence can make it a little trippy on the mind with its powerful THC Content it can get you wandering off into your own thoughts if you put too much in your joint. Medicinally it is great for stress relief and will leave you with an instant euphoric feeling that comes with a very fast onset and lasts for a long time. This strain can be useful to help with migraines, ADHD and certainly will be beneficial in helping with muscle or bone aches. Being Mostly Indica dominant if you are looking for pain relief and a nice recreational high this strain is well known and much loved for its heavy punch and psychedelic mind bending. Novice warning on this strain as it will put a newbie away with the fairy’s for a good couple of hours. 

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