Durban OG Kush

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  • 50% Durban Poison 25% Chemdawg 25% Hindu Kush
  • Apprximately 60 Days Flowering Time
  • Balanced Indica Sativa
  • Finished Height around 90cm
  • High THC Content Upto 22%
  • Good Yields around the 550-650 gram per meter
  • Talkative, happy and euforic strain great for inspiration.
Strain Genetics: Durban OG Kush is a cross of Durban Poison with OG Kush. This makes it approximately 50% Durban Poison 25% Hindu Kush and 25% Chemdawg.
Durban Poison is the renowned strain of South Africa where it grows wildly in abundance (this is near pure sativa) Hindu Kush is near pure Indica and comes from Northern India and parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Chemdawg is a slightly mysterious one said to be born on the east coast of America with possible Thai and Nepalese origin.
Harvest Awards: In the Denver Cannabis Cup 2012 Durban Poison hit a staggering 20.16% THC so dont be fooled about this old school variety. It also won best medical concentrate, best U.S Sativa and best Medical Sativa in 2014.  Hindu Kush is an older cannabis Indica with awards stretching back a little further with the most recent awards ranging from the 2004 Copa De La Marijuana where it took 3rd prize and 1st prize in the 2006 Copa De Ast Astúrias both in Spain. The genetics used in Purple Kush Berry are all award winners so the combination of everything combined is set to be a storm. Chemdawg is the back bone of many strains that win awards and all who know cannabis know of its legendary presence. 

Plant Characteristics: Durban OG Kush is a pretty balanced Indica and Sativa Strain. It is likely to finish with around 17-20% THC Content but with experience could reach much higher. The finished buds will look lovely with nice nugget hue twists of light and dark green with occasional purple leaves wrapping round them and dark orange hairs. The buds will have a nice shimmering coat of white shinny trichromes and the taste is super. The smoke is somewhat chocolaty with a sweet tea leaf after taste and you can expect aromas that are peppery with a minty hint which is slightly unusual and awesomely delicious.

Plant Growth: Durban OG Kush will be ready to harvest in approximately 60 days from the day you switch your light cycle. The plants grow to a relatively medium finished height somewhere around 90cm in height give or take a little depending on the environment. Its structure will be somewhat dense with medium sized fan leaves that allow light to pass around the bottom of the plant. Yields are likely to be estimated around 550-650 grams per plant based on using a 1000 watt light during flowering but again that depends on grower experience. Durban OG Kush will grow relatively easily without issue as it is quite resilient and does not stretch to much in heated environments. 
Medicinal Benefits: Durban OG Kush is a well balanced Indica and Sativa Cannabis variety. Balanced strains are great as you get a well rounded effect on your mind and body. The high will be energetic and uplifting which will put a nice little spring in your step as the Indica mellows away your aches and pains. Sometimes pure Indica’s can be too paralysing and pure Sativa’s too psychotic so ideally some would agree a nice even-handed strain is the best way to go. This one is great for depression as it will not get you thinking too deeply but also with motivation its better as it won’t give you severe couch lock. Smoking this one will get you talkative, happy and feeling in good spirit. This one is also very good for inspiration and will certainly bring about creativity in its consumer. Some other Indica Stains may be better suited for pain relief although there is a good amount present so for most it will prevail in its effect.

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