Double AK47 Auto Fem

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  • AK47 x AK48 x Auto AK47
  • Fully Automatic version of AK47
  • 10 Weeks form Seed to harvested weed
  • 80% Sativa Dominant
  • Very Short Height 30-60cm
  • High THC Content Upto 19%
  • Probably the easiest strain to grow
  • Yields up to 650 grams per meter
Strain Genetics: The original and much sought after strain AK47 was created by Serious Seeds in 1992. The genetics are said to be nearly pure Sativa with heritage from Columbia, Mexico, Thailand and Afghanistan. This Automatic version has added Ruderalis genes which were likely to have originated in Northern parts of Russia. Double AK47 is the isolated breeding of AK47 crossed with AK48 and then crossed with a large yielding a highly potent Auto version.
Harvest Awards: This is not the original Serious Seeds version of Ak47 which has won over 19 competition harvest awards around the world. This is our own Automatic Flowering Version that is very similar if grown side by side with the original.
Strain Characteristics: Auto Double AK47 is a potent Cannabis Sativa Strain with very high THC Content. This is one of the most potent Automatic varieties available and not recommended for beginners to smoke. THC on the automatic version can go up to 19% with experience and the high is very psychoactive indeed. When the buds have finished Double AK47 will be very dense with colours that are dark green and orange, like a nice old skunk variety.
Plant Growth: Auto Double AK47 plants are near pure Sativa yet they grow similar to an Indica but with thin not so wide expanding leaves. This version grows very short with most finishing around 60cm tall. This is one of the best yielding Automatic cannabis strain on our list with 750 grams per meter achievable. Auto Double AK47 can withstand a lot of pressure and is virtually indestructible in both indoor and outdoor gardening. The main thing you should be careful of is the smell as they are also one of the most pungent in odours. This strain is probably the easiest strain to grow and well suited for beginner gardening just not beginner smoking as it is a heavy hitter. This strain is a particular good choice if you using a vertical growing chamber with limited space. It also will do very well in a tiny space such as one of the computer disguised grow boxes with a small single light. Even on a balcony with just water feeding, completely organically you could be rewarded with a nice personal bit of smoke.
Medicinal Benefits: As this strain is Sativa dominant and as people who have tried it before may have experienced this one is very potent. The effect of Sativa Cannabis varieties is more trippy and psychedelic. This strain can be medicinally suited for treating eating disorders but may not be good for anxiety conditions. As this is a hybrid of Cannabis Ruderalis the strength is lessened slightly from the original but it is still very potent with very high THC levels. Studies have been carried out with the use of high THC strains that have been very successful in reducing the symptoms of movement disorders such as cerebral palsy. The high when smoked is euphoric and stimulating but also for the novice you could find yourself with a very sticky back situation not being able to move from your sofa.

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