Chocolate Haze Feminized

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Cannabis Haze Seeds - Original Monster Genetics!

  • Chocolate Thai x Chocolate Haze
  • 60-70 Days Flowering Time
  • 100% Sativa Domination
  • Height 120-150 cm
  • High THC Content Upto 18%
  • Tasty Sweet Earthy Coffee 
  • Good Yields up to 650 grams per meter
Strain Genetics: Chocolate Haze is a cross of Cannalope Haze and Chocolate Thai. These Genetics are gathered from the Sativa Regions which in this case would be of Columbian, Thai and Mexican origin.
Harvest Awards: Chocolate haze is very similar to Chocolope which has won many harvest awards including 2010 Sativa Cup 2nd Place Cannabis Cup, 3rd Place 2009 Highlife Cup, 3rd Place 2008 Cannabis Cup, 1st Place 2008 Hydro Cup Highlife, 3rd Place Spanabis Indoor Bio Winner, 2nd Place 2007 Cannabis Cup, 2nd Place Hydro Cup 2007 and in 2006 it took 3rd Place Hollyweed Cup Winner.  
Strain Characteristics: Chocolate Haze is a high strength 100% Pure Sativa Strain. Its THC Content is estimated to record between 14-18% so it is considered to be a reasonably heavy hitter. The buds are Dark Orange Green with a coat of fine trichromes glistening over the top. The Smoke is Sweet Chocolate Coffee like with earthy undertones that any Sativa lover will enjoy.  
Plant Growth: Chocolate Haze is not a difficult strain to grow but space can certainly become an issue as this one can grow quite tall. Buds develop reasonably quickly but are better left to the full 10 weeks to achieve optimal results. Plants are very resilient to issues such as mould and fungal tract diseases. Buds develop in a Sativa like structure but are nice and dense with wide fan leaves and not too much leaf matter in the buds. Plants vary in finished height depending on growing conditions and stress. If all goes well generally this strain will finish around 100cm tall but it can stretch up to 150cm so take care if you are limited in height. Yields are reasonably with 650 grams per meter achievable for someone with experience.
Medicinal Benefits: Chocolate Haze is a pure Sativa Cannabis Variety so the effects are energetic and uplifting with potential benefits to people with ADHD. Sativa’s are known for their cerebral highs and were used historically in tribal ceremonies and religious rituals. They have a psychedelic effect on the mind and can be more of a hallucinogenic than Indica Varieties. Chocolate Haze smokers report a euphoric high great for stress relief and the buzz is long lasting up to 2 hours.

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