Bubblegum Bud Auto Fem

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  • Pakistani, Thai & Afghani (most likely)
  • 60% Bubblegum 10% Big Bud 10% Skunk #1 20% Lowryder#2
  • Seed to Weed in 63 Days Time
  • 60% Indica 10% Sativa 30% Ruderalis
  • Height 80cm approximately
  • High THC Content Upto up to 15%
  • Look out for the extra fruity Phenotype
  • Yields up to 650 grams per meter
Strain Genetics: The genetics of our Bubblegum bud are approximately 12.5% Big Bud 12.5% Skunk #1 50% Bubblegum and 12.5% Lowryder and 12.5% Santa Maria. This means it is mostly cannabis Indica and of Afghanistan and Pakistani origin. Lowryder is a cross made with Santa Maria of Brazil so there is a small element of Sativa in this cross. The Ruderalis was most likely a descendent of Northern Siberian Wild flowers brought to Europe in the 90’s.  
Harvest Awards: The Strains used to create Bubblegum Bud have all won various harvest awards with the dominant strain Bubblegum took 3 awards in the 8th Cannabis Cup 1995 and more recently took a Spanabis Resin award in 2015. Big Bud has been an Indica Classic with many award winning cross breeds with its first award coming off Big Bud x Skunk #1 in the 1989 Cannabis Cup.
Strain Characteristics:Bubblegum Bud is a mostly Indica Cannabis Ruderalis with a small 10% Sativa influence. This strain is medium to high strength with THC coming in somewhere around the 12-16% range. Finished buds are a nice frosty and fruity number with the original bubblegum flavour that is unmistakeable. Buds will be very dense and display a nice original classic light green with orange tones in the bud.
Plant Growth: Auto Bubblegum Bud is a very easy cannabis strain to grow and is very well suited to beginners with very few casualties during growth. The Plants can finish in as short as 63 days from the day you plant the seeds. Buds develop in a nice short and dense style with plants not getting too bushy and so not needing lots of space to flourish. Fan leaves are of a medium size with buds growing well on multiple branches but mainly working best on the central cola. Finished plant height is likely to be around 60cm give or take a little and yields can be very reasonable also with a slight improvement due to the Big Bud and Skunk #1. The best thing about autoflowering varieties is that it is possible to yield multiple harvests in Mediterranean climates or finish early summer when in wet regions. Auto Bubblegum Bud will pretty much grow well in any environment you could think of. You can get a reasonable harvest by simply putting one out on your balcony and using basic tomato feed.
Medicinal Benefits: Auto bubblegum Bud is a medium strength mostly Indica Cannabis variety. The smoke produces a nice stimulating and euphoric high that is not over powering and will have you cheered up in no time at all. Indica’s are best known for their body stone and medicinal treatment for pain relief such as for arthritic or muscular injury. Indica dominant strains like Auto Bubblegum Bud are good for quieting down the noise of an over active mind and so can be good for if you are having trouble sleeping at night. People suffering from anxiety may see better results from smoking indica dominant strains as the can be higher in CBD which work as an antipsychotic. Some Sativa dominant strains can give you the high associated with panic attacks but obviously every person is different and not everyone experiences adverse side effects. When experimenting as a novice it is advised to take caution and choose a strain which is not so high in THC.

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