Blueberry Feminized

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  • Various Harvest Awards Achieved
  • 60-65 Days Flowering Time
  • 80% Indica Dominant
  • Height 80-120 cm
  • High THC Content Upto 19%
  • Very pleasant Berry smoke
  • Yields up to 650 grams per meter
Strain Genetics: BLUEBERRY originally dates back to the 1970’s where it first hit the scene.  Its genetic heritage is mostly Indica so comes from the hash making countries such as Afghanistan and in this case Pakistan with lineage of Thai Purple Sativa present.  It has been re mastered many times over by many other seed banks so we are delighted to have it in our collection.
Harvest Awards: The Original Blueberry cannabis strain won many awards including High Times Cannabis Cups in 2001, 2002 and 2003. This strain has been present in many harvest competitions and has been used to create many new generations of marijuana strain some of which we sell at OMG Seeds.
Strain Characteristics: Blueberry is a high strength Cannabis Indica with THC content reaching up to 19% (for experienced growers). The smoke is very berry as to be expected with the name! The aromas are pleasant and fresh with a slightly earthy taste that is very nice on the tongue. Finished Dry buds will be dense and display an array of colours with deep purple blue hues and dark orange hairs.
Plant Growth: Blueberry is not extremely hard to grow but better suited for experienced growers. It takes approximately 9 weeks of flowering to fully ripen (give or take a little) It is one for the connoisseurs for sure as with the right experience dry bud will be something out of the ordinary. Plants grow relatively uniformed but look out for the occasional Indica phenotype. People have been known to grow these plants out to find the best pheno and keep it as a mother plant to take cuttings from. Plants finish at a medium height around 80-120cm tall and produce reasonable yields up to 550 grams per meter.
Medicinal Benefits: Blueberry is a high strength Indica that is very good for relaxing and switching off from a hard day. Blueberry is 80% Indica based so it will give you mostly a nice body stone great for muscle and joint pains as well as general tension relief. Blueberry also has 20% Sativa content so it will keep you a little more motivated in the mind but not hit you too hard. The high will be smooth and euphoric but could involve a couch lock situation for a beginner novice smoker.

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Reviewer: Blue Barry Bud Man Spain   5 Stars
This is the best strain possible to grow with Deep Fruit Berry Aroma. I love it soooo much! Buds are crazy dense and the colour is exactly as described with beautiful blue and purple tones. For the price of these seeds i was dubious at first but a friend recommended the site and so i thought why not give it a go! I am very pleasingly surprised and undoubtedly will be ordering again very soon. I am thinking a Blueberry crossed with Haze next time to try something a little dissimilar with more Sativa appeal.

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