Blueberry Auto Fem

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  • 60% Indica 30% Ruderalis 10% Sativa
  • Seed to Finished buds in just 70 days
  • High CBD Content
  • Finished Height 40-80cm
  • High THC Content around 15% plus
  • Very pleasant Berry smoke
  • Yields up to 650 grams per meter
Strain Genetics: The original Blueberry strain goes all the way back to the 1970’s where it first made an entrance into the Amsterdam marijuana scene. Its genetics are mostly Indica so comes from the hash making countries such as Afghanistan and in this case Pakistan with lineage of Thai Purple Sativa present. This Autoflowering Version has been crossed with a very high yielding and powerful Ruderalis Strain originating from Northern Siberia and hybridized in the Netherlands.

Harvest Awards: The original Blueberry has contributed to many strains that have won harvest awards. It has been crossed with just about very variety of cannabis you can think of to find the most perfect partner. Blueberry compliments most strains so it is possibly one of the most used strains for creating new genetics. Think of strains such as Blue Cheese, Blue Dream and White Berry to name a few. Blueberry has been awarded many Cannabis Cups but it seems auto Blueberry has not been entered by any breeder as of yet.
Strain Characteristics: Auto Blueberry is a high strength Indica with a slight touch of Ruderalis for the Autoflowering genetics. With THC Exceeding 15% with careful growing this strain is considered to be quite powerful especially for an auto. The smoke is world renowned for its delicious blueberry flavours that are expected with the name. Aromas are very nice and fresh with a slight earthy taste that lasts on your tongue. This Auto Version tastes even fruitier than the original but won’t be quite so strong. The dry buds are a very beautiful display of colour with deep purple blue shades and dark orange hairs. 
Plant Growth: Auto Blueberry  is quite an easy strain to grow in most environments. Plants finish at least 2 weeks earlier than standard Blueberry at approximately 70 days from seed to harvested buds. Auto Blueberry should grow somewhere between 40-80cm in height depending on what system you are using. Due to the cross breeding with our Automatic Strain the plant will reduce in yield a little and look a little more skunk than the original Blueberry with slightly more light green and orange colour. You certainly can expect to see lovely blue tones through the buds and in colder conditions small to medium sized fan leaves will turn a lovely shade of purple and blue. Yields from Auto Blueberry vary considerably to experience and how you choose your set up. Yield per plant is much lower but where you normally fit 9 plants per meter you can now accommodate 16.
Medicinal Benefits: Auto Blueberry is a high strength Indica that is very good for relaxing and switching off from a hard day. Auto Blueberry is around 60% Indica 30% Ruderalis and 10% Sativa based. it will give you mostly a nice body stone great for muscle and joint pains as well as general tension relief. Auto Blueberry also benefits from being slightly higher in CBD so combined with a high Indica this is very well suited for medicinal use. High CBD Indica cannabis strains are most widely used as medicine as the effect has been phenomenal in scientific research studies. Many claim that high CBD strains reduce the size of cancerous tumours and the symptoms of many nervous system disorders. The high when smoking Blueberry is very euphoric and less psychoactive than some others. It is still considered to be high strength but much more pleasant with the reduction of Sativa in its breeding. 

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