Black Berry Widow Fem

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  • Blueberry x Black Domina x White Widow
  • 50-60 Days Flowering Time
  • 70% Indica Genetics
  • Height 70-110cm
  • High THC Content 15-20%
  • Very Good Indica Effect high in CBD
  • Medium High Yields up to 650 grams per meter
Strain Genetics: Black Berry Widow is a cross of Blueberry x Black Domina x White Widow. It is full of indica heritage with all its strains originating from the hash making countries of the world. This Strain includes genetics from Afghanistan, India and a touch of South America making up the 10% Sativa content.
Harvest Awards: Black Berry Widow is a very successful Indica Cannabis variety great for hash making, The Marijuana Strains that make up the genetics have all been awarded many times over for their outstanding contributions. White Widow is imfamous for its white coat of glistening trichromes has won many harvest awards dating back to the early 1990's. Blueberry is a well awarded strain and the ultimate Indica. Black Domina by Sensi won 1st place for best outdoor harvest in 2010. Black Berry Widow is a great Indica strain and a fine competitor to add to your collection.
Strain Characteristics: Black Berry Widow Grows Short with very dense Indica Structured Buds covered in crystals and with a high bud to leaf ratio. It was originally created in 2013 and specifically it is tailored for Indica Lovers combining 4 very good Indica varieties. When grown professionally THC levels can be around 15-20% making this a high strength Indica. The finished buds are super dense with a taste and aroma associated with Sweet Buttery Honey and Hazelnuts.
Plant Growth: Black Berry Widow is a very special Indica cannabis variety that grows in a typical indica fashion. The plants will grow short with a very dense structure with good size buds on the side branches. Topping Black Berry Widow will make a nice even canopy of large dense buds. Plants have a high bud to leaf ratio and develop very quickly finishing as fast as 7 weeks from the first day of flowering. Look out for the Blueberry Phenotype which is a nice surprise to find and one you will want to keep aside. It’s quite rare normally 1/30 plants approximately but look out for it as it is deliciously fruity. Growing is best suited indoors although it will perform well outdoors in a dry climate finishing around the end of September. Yields are slightly above average with finished dry bud per meter somewhere around the 600 grams mark with some care and effort.
Medicinal Benefits: Medicinally Black Berry Widow is very good for pain relief as it is 70% Indica. Indica Strains induce a full body stone and this one penetrates deep for the ultimate in relaxation. Black Berry Widow is high in CBD which is one of the most medicinally beneficial compounds known in the cannabis plant. It helps massively to reduce anxiety acting as an antipsychotic and it is known for many benefits. CBD research has boomed in recent years as it has been proven to help reduce the aggressiveness of cancer cell development, can help with cardiovascular disease, reduces epileptic fits, reduces inflammation and many other things. Black Berry Widow will not give you the psychotic buzz of your heavy hitter cheese’s and amnesia strains but it is one for the progressed Hash lover. Black Berry Widow can be a bit of a couch locker so for the novice you should beware and prepare with plenty of munchies and a nice cold drink on the ready in case you can’t move.

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Reviewer: Sammy Colorado   4 Stars
Well done guys. I like your website and the medical detail descriptions. Pictures are good also. Looks like you took time putting it all together. I ordered Black Berry Widow x 6 seeds. Easy ordering process and cheap delivery to the USA. Seeds were delivered after 8 days which is a little long. All 6 poped and all delivered awesome results. I only wanted 4 so I kept 2 in the garden and they are doing well. I will do a grow journal on rollitup and send the link to enter your competition because it is legal to grow weed here.

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