Black Berry Widow Auto

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  • Blueberry x Black Domina x White Widow x Our Auto Strain
  • Seed to Harvest in just 56 Days (Very Fast)
  • Around 50% Indica 25% Sativa and 25% Ruderalis
  • Height 40-90cm
  • High THC Content 15-20%
  • High CBD 1.8% and CBN 0.4%
  • Very good in small spaces
Strain Genetics: Auto Black Berry Widow is a cross of Blueberry x Black Domina x White Widow. It is full of Indica and Sativa heritage with its strains originating from the hash making countries of the world as well as South America, namely Brazil and Columbia. This Strain includes genetics from Afghanistan, India and a touch of South America making up the Sativa content. The Ruderalis was most likely grown wild in Northern Siberia where daylight is 24 hours a day.
Harvest Awards: Auto Black Berry Widow is a very successful Indica Cannabis variety great for hash making. The Marijuana Strains that make up the genetics have all been awarded many times over for their outstanding contributions. White Widow is infamous for its white coat of glistening trichromes has won many harvest awards dating back to the early 1990's. Blueberry is a well awarded strain and the ultimate Indica. Black Domina by Sensi won 1st place for best outdoor harvest in 2010. Auto Black Berry Widow is a great Indica strain and a fine competitor to add to your collection.
Strain Characteristics: Auto Black Berry Widow grows very short and is one of the fastest finishing cannabis strains we have in our range. The buds that develop are crystal covered and have a high bud to leaf ratio even with the added Ruderalis in its genetics. This auto flowering strain finishes with a good amount of THC ranging up to around 18% with some effort. The buds will taste sweet like honey with a hazelnut after taste. The finished buds will have a nice colour to them with some shades of blue in the dense hues and a nice light green frosted coat. 
Plant Growth: Auto Black Berry Widow is a special cannabis strain that grows with a nice typical Indica stature. The plants of the auto version grow very short and dense with good sized buds on the side branches. This one is particularly fast in flowering and you can get a harvest from the day you plant your seeds in just 56 days. This one will work very well in small spaces and could be well suited for vertical growing systems or tiny grow boxes with a little one plant light. Again with the Auto version you should look out for the phenotype that comes though occasionally reverting back to a more Blueberry plant which will be slightly blue in colour and with protruding hues. Yield per plant is not the highest but with this one you can fit more plants into a smaller space so if you are looking at yield per meter it is very competitive. Where with the normal Black Berry Widow you would probably want no more than 9 plants per meter this one would accept 16 comfortably in rows of 4 plants. So if height is an issue or you are experimenting in very small grow spaces this one is a very good choice of auto cannabis seed to choose. 
Medicinal Benefits: Medicinally Auto Black Berry Widow is very good for pain relief as it has a good amount of India in its genetics. The strain induces a nice Indica Body stone which is complimented by a nice amount of Sativa to keep your mind activated. Auto Black Berry Widow is also high in CBD showing around 1.8% and high in CBN at 0.4%. These two ingredients have potentially the highest medicinal benefits if that is what you are looking for. Auto Black Berry Widow will give you a reasonably clear headed high with no real worries about paranoia and anxiety attacks. This one should help nicely if you are suffering from nervousness. High CBD Strains have an anti anxiety effect and actually counter the effects of high THC slightly so they can be better for the not so militant smoker. If you don’t like or simply can’t handle your strains such as Cheese and Amnesia this one could be a better suited choice. It can also help very much so with sleeping disorders if you suffer at night with not being able to switch off. So Black Berry Widow is very well performing all round and will un doubtfully satisfy your needs.

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