Big Jack #1 Auto Fem

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  • High CBD Content up to 1.8%
  • Seed to Harvest in approximately 10 Weeks
  • 50% Indica 25% Sativa 25% Ruderalis
  • Medium Height 30-90cm
  • High THC Content Upto 20%
  • Jack Herer x Big Bud x Skunk #1  
  • A Very High Yielding Auto Strain
Strain Genetics: Auto Big Jack #1 is a cross of approximately 40%Jack Herrer 20% Skunk #1 and 20% Big Bud and 20% of our mystery Auto Strain. This makes it an Indica Dominant Cannabis Variety. The origin of this strain stretches around the world with its Indica Influences coming out of Northern India and Morroco. Jack Herer was born out of a tropical Sativa blend with genetics from Thailand and South America. Jack Herer was said to have been created in America and then brought to the Neverlands in the early 1980’s along with Big Bud. Skunk #1 is probably one of the oldest strains and was one of the first to be used in the Dutch revolution of cannabis hybrids that were to come. Its first availability was in the 1970’s and commercially it was one of the first to make it into the hydroponic gardening of Amsterdam. The Ruderalis Genetics come from Northern Siberia where the wild cannabis plants flower regardless of the number of hours daylight they recieve.
Harvest Awards:  Where do you start with the harvest awards of the strains contained in this cannabis hybrid. All of the strains included are renowned for their very different results in what they achieve. In the High Times Cannabis Cup 1994 Jack Herer won the Freedom Fighter of the year award. He was a legend not only for his strain but for the injection of marijuana legalization movement across the USA. His strain has won countless awards even recently with it taking an Indica Cup in the 2nd High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver 2014. Interestingly enough Big Bud x Skunk no1 won 1st prize in the Indica Cup of 1989. Big Bud is known for being a high yielding short, fat, indica structure whilst Jack Herer is completely different and this mix of genetics complement each other nicely.
Plant Characteristics: Auto Big Jack #1 is a fast flowering autoflowering cannabis ruderalis that grows very much in an indica like fasion. This Auto version will produce finished buds of an average density. The finished buds will be a somewhat darker tone of green with an almost brown ting over the top. This combination of classic old school cannabis varieties will look and smell delicious and reminiscent of something from many years ago. The dominant Strain in this is Jack herer so if you know Jack you will be familiar with how that looks and smells when finished. The buds will be ver much citrusy and exotic with tones of mango and the taste will last on your tongue very pleasently.
Plant Growth:Auto Big Jack #1 is a nice very well balanced stain with a nice mix of Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis. When grown this one can finish in a very short time from seed to harvest in as little as just 63 to 70 days. This is a massive improvement saving you at least 2 weeks on the standard flowering version. This strain grows very similarly with multiple side branches ideally suited for topping and scrogging systems. The leafs mature with a very nice purple tone to them with fan leafs of a medium size. Yields off this one are exceptionally high for an auto flowering strain with Auto Big Jack #1 producing an estimated 650 grams per meter 2. The buds are very large and medium dense on this one which makes it great for air flow around the buds. The added Ruderalis makes this one nice and resilient to mold and other plant deficiencies that can occur. This one can withstand much harsher conditions than others and so is very well suited to out door gorilla style growing.
Medicinal Benefits: Auto Big Jack #1 is a nicely balanced in its effect with a good medicinal amount of pain relief with a nice head high to relax your mind. The buzz is uplifting and energetic without being over powering and psychotic. This one is high in CBD recording at around 1.8% so can be especially good at treating anxiety and other nervous related disorders. The anti anxiety properties of this strain are lovely and will make your head very clear without any sudden panic and it certainly shoulnt get you locked on the couch. This one is good if you have a creative side and will encourage it if you don’t. While you smoke this one you will have a clear head and pleasant euphoria.

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