Amnesia 1996 Feminized

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  • Various Harvest Awards Achieved
  • 70-80 Days Flowering Time
  • 90% Sativa Dominant
  • Height 80-120 cm
  • High THC Content Upto 22%
  • Very Potent Cannabis
  • Yields up to 650 grams per meter
Strain Genetics: Amnesia Haze was created originally by Soma Seeds in 2002. The Genetics are a combination of worldwide award winners derived from South East Asia, Jamaican Haze and Afghani Hawaiian. This strain is not a copy of Amnesia Haze but this is one of the original Amnesia that was created in 1996. This 1996 Amnesia in our opinion is better than Soma’s version as there is a little display of Indica especially with certain phenol types.
Harvest Awards: The original Amnesia has won many harvest awards over the years and now a lot of the hybrids created with Amnesia genetics are winning awards. Amnesia Haze Genetics have been used to create many new cannabis cup winning hybrids.
Plant Characteristics: Amnesia 1996 is a potent Cannabis Sativa Cannabis Strain with very high THC Content. This strain is not suitable for a novice smoker as it is highly potent. THC can reach 22% which is very high and the effect when smoked can be very psychoactive. The taste when smoked is fruity, crisp and fresh on the tongue that is expected with a high quality Haze. If you want a marijuana strain that will blow your head off and help you forget the days stress Amnesia will certainly meet your expectations. Amnesia gives you a high that is intense yet mellow and long lasting and it is unlikely you will build a tolerance to withstand the high.
Plant Growth: Amnesia Haze is for the grower with patience as it can take up to 11 weeks of flowering to fully ripen. It is one for the connoisseurs for sure as with the right skills this will beat any other strain in your collection. Plants grow relatively uniformed but look out for the occasional Indica phenotype that can arise. Plants grow large with semi dense sativa like structure producing a very good yield of around 650 grams per meter. Be careful when growing with limited height as this strain has been known to hit 1.2 meters tall indoors!
Medicinal Benefits: High THC Sativa strains such as AMNESIA 1996 medicinally are suited to those looking for spiritual wisdom and creativity. AMNESIA 1996 is very high strength so if inspiration is what you’re looking for this will certainly get your mind working in a different way. Sativa strains are very uplifting and known for energetic highs. High THC Sativa Strains such as AMNESIA 1996 are very strong which can be effective in treating depression but if you suffer from anxiety this is probably not the best strain to choose.   

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Reviewer: Lost cause Ireland   5 Stars
I was smoking this weed in London when I was working there. It was not so popular here in Dublin. I was working there for like 6 months and its all that seems me man can get me. I met a man in my local Pub who got Amnesia Cherry and thats grand. I got me man here at OMG to meet me and I got 20 amnesia 1996 seeds. They are long in the grow but well worth waiting for. I had 16 came through out a 20 with all femed plants and no male as the man said. I got this out at €350 an oz and have a good stash now to last me. I think after summer I will go again with 18 and I may do Amnesia from here again. Bit

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