Amnesia 1996 AutoFem

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  • Fully Automatic Amnesia 1996
  • Seed to Harvest in 77 Days Approximately
  • 60% Sativa 20% Indica 20% Ruderalis
  • Height 50-100 cm
  • High THC Content Upto 18%
  • Very Potent for an Auto Strain
  • Yields up to 650 grams per meter
Strain Genetics: Amnesia 1996 was created using our own autofloweirng hybrid which we use for all our autoflowering strains. It was chosen for its large yield, high strength and fast flowering time. It is said that Amnesia Haze is made up from the cross breeding of Super Silver Haze and Neviles Haze so it is no wonder the genetics are heavey hitting when smoked. Super Silver Haze has lineage that comes from Thailand, Mexico, India and Columbia and it is made up from crossing Northern Lights, Skunk and Haze. The Neviles Haze used in this strain comes from similar regions with it being mostly haze with NL#5. The Ruderalis Gene thats been added to this strain more than likely originated from northern siberia where you can expect 24 hour daylight for the summer months in the year.
Harvest Awards: The Original Super Silver Haze which was used in the breeding of Amnesia 1996 has won various awards such as 1st prize HTCC 1997, 1998 and 1999. This version Amnesia 1996 is certainly worthy of being a champion but you will have to take our word for it as it does not have any awards specifically to its name.
Plant Characteristics: Auto Amnesia 1996 is a potent Cannabis Sativa Cannabis Strain with very high THC Content especially for an auto flowering strain containing ruderalis. The original strain is not suitable for a novice smoker as it is highly potent but with the addition of Ruderalis in the genetics you can expect the strength to be a little lower. THC can still reach 15-20% which is very high for an auto strain and the effect when smoked can be very psychoactive. The taste when smoked stays reletively the same and it is fruity, crisp and fresh on the tongue that is expected with a high quality Haze. If you want a marijuana strain that will blow your head off and help you forget the days stress Amnesia will certainly meet your expectations. Amnesia gives you a high that is intense yet mellow and long lasting and it is unlikely you will build a tolerance to withstand the high.
Plant Growth: The best thing about Auto Amnesia 1996 is the reduction in finished flowering times that has been achieved. The original Photoperiod Strain can take up to 11 weeks excluding vegetative growth. This one will go from Seed to fully harvest ready bud in 10-11 weeks so you have a reduction of at least 2-4 weeks from the original. Plants grow relatively uniformed but they can be a little unpredictable. Plants grow large with semi dense sativa like structure producing a very good yield of around 550 grams per meter. Another good thing with auto Amnesia 1996 is the height has been recuced so you can expect a medium height in the finished plant of around 90cm give or take.
Medicinal Benefits: High THC Sativa strains such as AMNESIA 1996 medicinally are suited to those looking for spiritual wisdom and creativity. Auto AMNESIA 1996 is very high strength so if inspiration is what you’re looking for this will certainly get your mind working in a different way. Being that it has the added Ruderalis in its genetics this does give the strain a little boost in CBD which lessens the psychoactive effects slightly. Sativa strains are very uplifting and known for energetic highs. High THC Sativa Strains such as Auto AMNESIA 1996 are very strong which can be effective in treating depression but if you suffer from anxiety this is probably not the best strain to choose.   

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