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​​​​​​​Get information About OMG Cannabis Seeds & Single Seeds Production A Brief History of OMG Seeds
We at Original Monster Genetics have been in this industry for many years. From what started out as mostly hobbies in the 90’s has now developed into a sophisticated worldwide business. We have been in the business of breeding cannabis seeds specifically for other seed banks for the last 6 years. During this time we have come to understand what sells and is in highest demand. Our Strains have been carefully selected and very well created. We sincerely hope that you get satisfaction from what we have created and wish you well in your exploration into this fantastic subject.

Our Breeding Program
Our breeding program is designed to produce 100% fully female marijuana seeds of a high standard. In our breeding we are looking for High Yielding, Fast Flowering and High THC cannabis plants to which we have a strict method for finding what we want. The strains we have isolated have come from many years of experimentation.

Our Breeding Method (Step One)
The very first process in our search for the next strain is plant isolation. During this stage we grow at least 48 plants of a specific strain with the intention of finding the best one for breeding with. The process is to take a single cutting from each plant that has been grown just before flowering. We then keep these cuttings on ice till the plants have shown full maturity. At this time we examine each plant to isolate the one which displays the very best genetic traits, such as large yielding, high resilience and good THC production. We also stress test the batch of 48 plants and discard any plants which do not stand up to our resilience testing. After all our testing we will end up discarding 47 of the original cuttings that did not meet our requirements. We will then be left with the single isolated cutting which came from our prize plant. This will be our mother plant, kept for breeding and seed production for many generations to come.

Seed production (Step Two)
Now that we have all our isolated mother plants of the best genetics, we are ready for breeding. During this stage we will grow around 27 fully female cannabis plants from cuttings. Each plant is fully identical in genetics and perfectly ready for breeding. We then separate 9 plants and use a mild but very effective chemical process which makes our 9 female plants produce pollen. We then use this pollen to fertilise our now fully blooming plants to produce seeds. During this time we will always have a couple of test subjects of a different breed in our room to make genetic cross breeds. The method we use results in nearly 100% feminized seed production. We say nearly because on the very rare occasion we do come across a male plant and because also when growing female plants there are occasions where stress induces the plant to turn male.

Strain Cross Breeding (Step Three)
When we create a batch of seeds we will always have one test subject strain which is different in our room. This strain will have been chosen specifically for cross breeding and to find the perfect improvement on the strain we are making seeds of. Normally once the breeding is finished we will then give the test production seeds to our associate growers who will test them. Once they have finished we will examine the plants and see if the genetics we are looking for have been carried through and are displaying in the plants. We are looking for mostly minor improvements to original classics but occasionally we do come across some fantastic cross breeds. If we find what we are looking for then this batch will go back to stage one and we will then try to isolate the perfect plant to become one of our chosen mothers.

Our seed production has developed over many years of practice and we take pride in what we do. These are the very basics of what we do which makes it a little easier for people to understand. The real process is a labour of love which takes time to perfect! It is not just a money maker but more of a passion for us which we have no intention of stopping any time in the near future. Hopefully with the ever changing marijuana laws around the world everyone will be able to enjoy this experience. There is nothing like being able to grow your own green and enjoy the reward or your harvest. It is tragically unfortunate that people are penalized for such a beautiful and natural process.

We wish all our customers a happy and lucky life and we hope you enjoy what we are proud to offer.

OMG Company Disclaimer

OMG Original Monster Genetics cannot be held liable for unlawful uses of our products. All our cannabis seeds are sold strictly as collectible souvenirs in the UK and not for cultivation. We do not offer guarantees on germination rates and do not offer returns in any situation. Please respect our policy and please use our products sensibly. All information contained on our web pages are for information purposes only or for unstruction to those who are in countires where the law does permit them to grow cannabis.